Disclosure 2013 Initiative

CivicCamp is pleased to announce general availability of Disclosure 2013, a web-based system that offers candidates a way to easily share campaign revenues and their sources with the public. At https://disclosure2013.azurewebsites.net, Disclosure 2013 provides a common online location for candidates to track their campaign revenues, and in turn to display this data publicly in a variety of summaries. As a single digital data source, it enables analysis of revenues by contributors to multiple campaigns, giving the public a better picture of who's funding elections across Calgary.

Fully functional, online and interactive, the system is already in use by several candidates for the 2013 Election.

Disclosure 2013 was built on lessons learned from our Data Analysis exercise for the 2010 Election. In order to facilitate true transparency, disclosure information is needed in a digital, easily-analyzed format. Disclosure 2013 asks candidates to input their own information directly, which in turn is shared immediately with the public. This process of direct entry, public review, and subsequent updates helps improve accuracy and the relevancy of campaign finance information.

CivicCamp is offering the system to all candidates running for Mayor or Councillor. We hope all candidates will use it to disclose their information and believe the very discussion of campaign finance will keep the issue at the forefront for both City Council and the Provincial Government. For those who believe Municipal Campaign Finance needs review, this discussion itself makes Disclosure 2013 a very exciting project indeed.

Disclosure 2013 is online at https://disclosure2013.azurewebsites.net
Email: disclosure2013@civiccamp.org