Who funded the candidates in 2010?

A lot of money is spent on municipal elections in Calgary, just under $5.6 million in 2010. But who are the contributors to the candidates’ campaigns?

Out of the total campaign revenue reported in 2010, only 3% of it came from contributions below or equal to $100, while 59% came from contributions above $100. The remainder was from fundraising and surpluses some candidates had accumulated during previous election campaigns. Of the contributions above $100, 41% came from individual citizens and 58% from organizations.

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About the data

Source of the data: Data used to build these visualization come from the 2010 Disclosure of Campaign Finances page on the City of Calgary Website (click here to display it).

Representativity of the data:The data visualizations analyze the financial disclosure statement submitted by 77 out 92 candidates who run for the 2010 municipal elections. The 15 other candidates declared running with an entirely self-funded campaign less than or equal to $10,000, and therefore were not subject to disclose a financial statement. You can find the list of these candidates on the City website.